Proof-of-concept approach

We start new projects with a proof of concept, or POC. This POC is then put to use in artificial intelligence applications. This is designed to demonstrate the capacity of an idea or concept to solve a business need using the most advanced machine learning technology. We start by asking:

  • Does this technology meet the client’s needs?
  • Will the prospective end-users be able to implement it productively?
  • Is the solution ultimately feasible?

Artificial intelligence applications

We’ve created a clear four-step POC process:

1. Define

Establish prerequisites to execute a successful POC. Deliverables are a shared objective, success criteria and POC schedule.

2. Prepare & Design

Put everything in place to start the POC. Deliverables are a dataset for training, dataset for evaluation, AI architecture and meeting schedule.

3. Engineer & Execute

Create and test a working system in multiple iterations.

4. Evaluate

Review and validate POC results with all stakeholders, compare outcomes to success criteria, summarize findings and present lessons learned in order to make the decision to move forward or not.

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