Scyfer, the Deep Learning Company

Scyfer helps companies to maximize value of big data by analysis of millions of variables and data points. Scyfer improved current predictive models by 5-20%, implementing Deep Neural Networks, a disruptive new powerful predictive model development in artificial intelligence. Scyfer is specialized in Deep Neural Networks and bridges the gap between the existing knowledge of machine learning in the academic world and the companies that want to benefit from vast amount of data. Scyfer B.V. is a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam.

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Scyfer helps companies discovering the power of Big Data analytics. If you want to prove the power of data usage to your organisation, Scyfer can deliver quick results without IT investments.

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Image Recognition

Scyfer developed state of the art Deep Learning tooling to detect patterns in images. This can be applied to medical, industrial or other images to detect anomalities and classify the images.

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Recommender Systems

Scyfer delivers recommender systems for web shops and Video on Demand platorms. User profiles, purchase history and user behaviour generates new offers to improve usability and increase sales.

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