Our expert team eats, sleeps and breathes data. They have extensive academic training in math, computer science and artificial intelligence — combined with practical experience on a wide variety of projects every year. Prof. Max Welling, one of the world’s leading authorities on machine learning, is a co-founder of Scyfer and has personally helped select our team of talented machine learning specialists.

Max Welling - Scyfer

Prof. Max Welling

University of Amsterdam
Jorgen Sandig - Scyfer

Jörgen Sandig

Taco Cohen - Scyfer

Taco Cohen

Tijmen Blankevoort - Scyfer

Tijmen Blankevoort

Jan Willem Klerkx - Scyfer

Jan-Willem Klerkx

Sales director
Auke Wiggers - Scyfer

Auke Wiggers

Machine learning specialist
Mart van Baalen - Scyfer

Mart van Baalen

Machine learning specialist
Markus Nagel - Scyfer

Markus Nagel

Machine learning specialist
Romain Lepert - Scyfer

Romain Lepert

Machine learning specialist
Guillaume Saultiere - Scyfer

Guillaume Sautiere

Machine learning specialist
Adrian Lisko - Scyfer

Adrian Lisko

Machine learning specialist
Ali Bahramisharif - Scyfer

Ali Bahramisharif

Assistent Professor, Sr. Machine learning specialist

Per John

IT Architect

Jorn Peters

Machine learning specialist

Emiel Hoogeboom

Machine learning specialist

Bence Major

Machine learning specialist
Brent Collins - Scyfer

Brent W. Collins

Director of Business Development, Scyfer USA

Jeff Pendleton

Executive Director, Scyfer USA
Albert Bogaard - Scyfer

Albert D. Bogaard

Advisory Board

Armina Stepan

Marketing Communications specialist