Sound recognition in healthcare


First, we worked closely with their technical specialists to analyze the current situation (i.e. data analysis pipeline, data used, techniques and recognition rate) and determine where we could make improvements. As result of this, four possible improvements were identified and ranked based on feasibility and added value. Further on, we built two of those options in a simulation environment to prove their added value. The tests showed a significant improvement. We handed over the results and Sound Intelligence took it from there, implementing this improvement in the machine-learning stage of their sound-recognition system.


sound recognition in healthcare


The first installation of the new system happened within 3 months of starting this project, resulting in high recognition rates (over 80%) with very low misclassification results for 8 specific sounds in healthcare environments.

“Scyfer helped us recognize 8 specific sounds in a healthcare environment with more than 80% recognition rates, with very low misclassification within 3 months. This helped us add significant value to our sound-detection products”

— Derek van der Vorst, CEO/Owner, Sound Intelligence

About Sound Intelligence

Sound Intelligence develops and sells advanced sound analysis and detection technology. They’re a worldwide pioneer and market leader in advanced audio analytics. Sound Intelligence has 14+ years of experience analyzing real-life sounds in complex indoor and outdoor environments and has built a huge database of sounds over the years.