Max Welling brings Silicon Valley to the Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Max Welling was quoted by Wired in an interview with Geoffrey Hinton, thought leader in the deep learning movement. In this article, the rise of deep learning and the ambition of artificial intelligence is described. Max, as a participant of the CIFAR NCAP meeting last December, is taking Silicon Valley home to the Netherlands (see picture of Max and Geoffrey at this meeting) :

In the process, Hinton and NCAP have changed the face of the community that once spurned them. Students at universities are turning away from more traditional machine learning projects to work on deep learning, says Max Welling, a computer scientist at the University of Amsterdam. “This information has trickled down all the way to the students who are sitting in the Netherlands, far away from where all this happens. They have all picked up on it. They all know about it,” he says. “That to me is the ultimate evidence that this has propagated everywhere.”

Source:, “Meet the Man Google Hired to Make AI a Reality“, by Daniela Hernandez

Max was co-chair of Neural Information Processing System Foundation (NIPS) conference in December 2013 and encountered an exponential growth of attention and popularity on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. Reason for this growth is the availability of huge amount of data, affordable computing power and the new academic developments on neural networks and deep learning. Baidu, Google and Facebook invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence labs to explore the possibilities of deep learing.

As a co-founder of Syfer, Max brings the latest developments on deep learning and artificial intelligence into practice and enables companies to benefit from those knowledge.

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