Solutions to real world problems with machine learning research

We work on projects where machine learning research and deep learning solutions improve our clients’ business goals. Collaborating closely with clients, we take your data and business background and combine it with our deep-learning platform and extensive machine learning expertise.

This unique combination of data, business understanding and machine learning leads to new products and business concepts that weren’t previously possible.


ReSurge is a collaboration between Scyfer and Bart Geerts, anesthesiologist at the LUMC and AMC hospitals. The project aims to predict and prevent post-operative complications by using data and state-of-the-art machine-learning methods.

Around 25% of patients who undergo high-risk operations suffer from some form of post-operative complication within 30 days of surgery. The healthcare costs can be enormous.

Earlier and more effective interventions

We use all available data to better predict the post-operative trajectory of patients. In addition, we identify distinct pathways for patients whether or not they develop complications. The goal is to enable earlier, more effective medical procedures. As a result of machine learning research, we can help decrease the economic and health implications of medical complications.


Scyfer works in the H2020 SETA consortium. SETA creates technologies and methodologies set to change the way mobility is organized, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas.

The solutions are based on large, complex dynamic data. This is gathered from millions of citizens, thousands of connected cars, thousands of city sensors and hundreds of distributed databases.

SETA will allow us to understand and model mobility with a precision and granularity that is impossible with today’s technologies.

Fiche - 3D bone segmentation research

The promise of deep learning in medical image analysis is big. In order to prove the power of deep learning in the field of medicine, Scyfer has developed an online service for bone segmentation of the hip and femur in 3D CT scans.

Scyfer created an online bone segmentation service to segment and annotate the hip and femur bone. We use this for medical research and post-processing of 3D CT scans.