We solve challenging and complex data-analysis problems with the most advanced machine learning consultancy solutions and the best analytics team.

Our consultancy services work on four principles:


We give you access to innovation that matters to you. We are brimming with creative new ways to solve your data-analysis problems.


Working closely together is crucial. It ensures that our solutions solve your problem, and that potential issues are identified as early as possible. Our goal is for you and your employees to learn from us.


When you pay for a project, the code is yours. We can also help you with deployment, for example, by hosting models in the Scyfer cloud. If you choose to use our IP and we do the implementation, then a license fee is required for the use of this IP.


We are focused on delivering quantifiable results. If required, we will analyze your requirements and perform initial tests on your data in order to provide you with concrete proof the expected goals are achievable. To support this approach we have created a transparent pilot approach.

Consultancy at Scyfer stands for/


Firstly, we have a knack for optimising algorithms to get the best possible performance — and ultimately reap the benefits of more accurate classifications and predictions.

Cutting edge

We use the latest developments in machine learning, straight out of the academic sphere. We understand these algorithms thoroughly and furthermore implement them quickly. In the rapidly evolving world of data analysis, cutting-edge technologies give rise to new possibilities. They, in turn, lead to far better models.

Big data

One thing we hear a lot is: This project is cool, we have a lot of data! That’s because it is a common machine-learning trope that more data leads to better predictions. We have the technology to crunch terabytes of data, which leads to squeezing all the potential value out of it.

Customized machine learning consultancy

Our solutions are custom-tailored to your needs. Your problem is unique, so it deserves a unique solution. Custom solutions perform better in practice for the challenging machine-learning problems. Therefore, we make sure that the solution fits your business need.

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