Object recognition at its finest

Our deep-learning solutions bring visual quality-inspection to the next level in order to give you full control over the quality of end products and maintain or raise your margins. We do this through the latest technology in object recognition. Scyfer contributes hands-on solutions for innovation in manufacturing and the realization of your Industry 4.0 ambitions.


TATA object recognition


Our computer-vision solutions for quality control for industry are based on our deep-learning solution. We train and adapt this solution to your custom requirements. This is done in order to match your unique production process. In addition we can also combine visual inspection with process data so that we determine the relationship between visual quality inspection and process data.

This turns Industry 4.0 innovation into concrete implementation to achieve four specific benefits:

Continuity and reproducibility of quality inspection.

Our machine learning solutions let you detect and classify the quality of products based on images of those products. This technology has evolved in the last 10 years to match a level of human performance. Because this is based on computer algorithms, we can deliver 100% repeatability and reproducibility, independent of human interpretation.

Continuously learning.

The solution learns continuously based on expert input and feedback. Based on this input, it can learn to detect and classify new situations.

Automatically generated quality reports.

The solution detects and classifies abnormalities automatically, it can also generate highly detailed audit trails and quality reports automatically.

Support root-cause analysis.

We can also combine image analysis of the end product and production process data. This combination provides a unique opportunity to support root-cause analysis to improve complex production processes.

Let us help/

Scyfer can deliver a basic set of building blocks in combination with custom-built software. Thus we create a unique solution for your production process so that you gain a competitive advantage.

The computer vision solutions will realize innovation in your production processes. Scyfer provides consultancy services to discuss your ambition and challenges. As a result we find out what machine learning can contribute to your growth.