What an Artificial Intelligence company can do for you

Scyfer is a spin-off of the University of Amsterdam specialized in machine learning. As an artificial intelligence company we are partners in making intelligent software work for your company. Working together with us can bring your innovative ideas to life.


We solve challenging and complex data-analysis problems with the most advanced machine-learning solutions and the best analytics team.

Computer vision for industry

With deep-learning solutions we bring visual quality inspection to the next level. As a result we give you full control over the quality of end products and maintain or increase your margins.


We combine images with patient data to detect diseases in an early stage, perform risk analysis to avoid complications, and help determine the right treatment. In addition, for pharmaceutical companies, Scyfer can help with data and image analysis in drug development.

Deep Learning

Our deep-learning platform optimizes for speed, with a comprehensive dashboard for tracking experiments.

Proof of Concept

We start new projects with a proof of concept, or POC. We design this in order to demonstrate the capacity of an idea or concept to solve a business need using the most advanced machine-learning technology.