Tata Steel announces collaboration with Scyfer

On Friday 6th of November, Tata Steel opened a research office at the Amsterdam Science Park. Here, Tata Steel seeks to form new collaborations with other companies to stimulate innovation within Tata Steel.

Scyfer is proud to be the first research partner of Tata Steel at the Amsterdam Science Park. Together, we will improve the steel inspection process by applying Scyfer’s state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

The informal opening was hosted by the Ace Venture Lab. The opening was conducted by Hans Fischer and Tijmen Blankevoort, the CTOs of Tata Steel and Scyfer.




The informal opening of the Tata Steel lab at ACE-Venture lab and collaboration with Scyfer (L. Jansen, Manager External Funding & Collaboration at Tata Steel, T. Cohen CRO Scyfer, T. Blankevoort CTO Scyfer, J. Sandig CEO Scyfer, H. Fischer CTO Tata Steel)