Co-founder Max Welling receives Google grant and is appointed associate fellow CIFAR

MRI_imageCo-founder Max Welling receives Google grant to work with Geoffrey Hinton on “Symmetries, Synthesis and Semi-supervision to improve the statistical efficiency of deep learning”. Two PhD students at the university of Amsterdam, among which Scyfer co-founder Taco Cohen will be supported by this grant for one year.



CIFARCo-founder Max Welling appointed associate fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) within the Neural Computation and Adaptive Perception (NCAP) program. This program, first directed by Geoffrey Hinton and now by Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun was at the cradle of deep learning. There 19 fellows in this program of which only 4 outside North America.


MRI_multiple_scansScyfer, the University of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Medical Center and the Donders Institute have received funding from the Dutch national funding agency (NWO) to collaborate on applying deep learning to medical image analysis. This is the first time Scyfer has co-invested as a private partner in a public-private research project.